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Funding FAQs
What fees does Qardus charge?
Are there any additional costs that could apply to your financing facility?
Who can apply for a financing facility?
How quickly can my business get financing?
What rate will my business pay?
What types of financing can a business get on the Qardus platform?
Can I see which businesses I am funding?
How does Qardus assign a business to a risk band?
Secured vs. Unsecured business loans
Investing FAQs
How can I invest on the Qardus platform?
Do I need to be Muslim to use the Qardus platform?
Who are the businesses I am funding?
How do I fund businesses?
What types of financing would I provide to businesses on the Qardus platform?
Will I be charged any fees on the Qardus platform?
What are profit rates?
What happens if a business defaults on a financing facility?
Ethical and Sharia FAQ
What is Islamic finance?
What is Sharia?
What does Sharia compliant mean?
What makes Sharia compliant SME financing different to conventional SME financing?
Is Qardus only for Muslims?
Is Qardus certified as Sharia compliant?
Which Sharia structure does Qardus use?
What assurance do I have that Qardus is Sharia compliant?
What controls does Qardus have in place to ensure Sharia compliance?
Crowdfunding Questions
What is crowdfunding?
What is equity crowdfunding?
Is crowdfunding a regulated activity?
Who are ShareIn?
Who do I transfer funds to?
What are the main risks associated with equity crowdfunding?
Could I lose more than the amount invested?
Who can invest?
Will people be able to see if I invested?
I am domiciled outside of the UK and EU, can I invest?
How am I categorised as a "client" for regulatory purposes?
Can I cancel my investment offer?
How do I make a complaint?
What is your Best Execution policy?
How do I make a Subject Access Request (SAR)?
What do we do about conflicts of interest?