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Qardus is the first ethical sharia compliant business financing platform in the UK.

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We're offering fast and affordable financing to SMEs across the UK

We offer secured and unsecured business financing in the UK with an average ticket size up to £200k and terms of up to 36 months. Later on, we plan to offer asset financing with longer duration.

We're ethical and sharia compliant

Qardus is an ethical and sharia compliant platform. All businesses applying for funding are screened for sharia compliance. Sharia compliant structures are used on both sides of the marketplace. Our platform is sharia certified.

We are building Qardus differently

We believe in efficient and sustainable financial intermediation. Our platform is end-to-end sharia compliant where SMEs looking for funding are seamlessly matched with investors.

We’re a fast-growing company based in Kensington

Our office is 5 minutes from High Street Kensington station, our team is growing fast and we are hiring!

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