Ethical & Sharia Compliant

Shariah Certification

What is ethical investing

Ethical investing is the practice of selecting investments based on ethical or moral principles. Environmental, social and governance criteria are considered with the aim of making a positive contribution to society.

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What is Sharia compliant investing

Sharia compliant investing is a form of socially responsible investing that is governed by Sharia law and the principles of the Muslim religion. Basic guidelines include the prohibition of Riba (interest), Gharar (speculation or chance) is not allowed, and not investing in certain businesses or industries that are considered Haram (forbidden).

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Why Qardus is sharia compliant

Qardus is the first ethical end-to-end sharia compliant business financing marketplace in the UK. Our products have been designed to meet the conditions mentioned by the world-renowned Sharia standard-setting body AAOIFI. Our Sharia advisor conducts semi-annual Sharia audits of the facilities on our platform.

  1. All businesses have passed sharia compliant screening

  2. Sharia compliant structures on both sides of the marketplace

  3. Our platform is sharia certified

The process

Sharia screening

We apply the sharia screening methodology on all businesses that apply for funding on our platform. We reject businesses that do not pass.

Credit risk scoring

Once the businesses have passed the sharia screening process, we conduct a rigorous analysis to determine their credit worthiness and assign them a corresponding pricing range for the facility.

Funding structures

All funding structures on our platform are sharia-compliant and all contracts are sharia certified. Our Sharia advisor has full access and oversight of our operations. 

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