UK gets its first Islamic crowdfunder for business financing

by Qardus Team

LONDON _ A new UK-based Shariah-compliant crowdfunding platform which provides business financing to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) launched at the end of June.

Qardus Limited, which connects SMEs to investors, is an appointed representative of Share In Ltd, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Shariah-compliant crowdfunding is not a new concept in the UK, that already has platforms such as property-focused Yielders, but there are none already providing SME business financing. 

“In terms of competition we would be the first to offer an Islamic business financing facility in the UK as the Islamic banks look at much larger ticket sizes,” Hassan Daher, Qardus founder and CEO told Salaam Gateway.

“In the UAE there is Beehive. Other fintechs in the UK such as Funding Circle and Iwoca only offer conventional financing facilities, not Islamic,” he added. In other regions, Kapital Boost, which was founded in 2015, was Asia’s first Islamic P2P crowdfunding platform for SMEs.

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July 13 2020, read the full article at Salaam Gateway

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